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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  September 17, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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government loan, but you have to take progress where you can get it. >> paul: thanks, joe, that's it for this week's edition of the journal report. thanks to my panel and for all of you, paul gigot. hope to see you all next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch. >> american jobs act. >> pass this bill. >> president obama taking his show on the road. pitching his plan as he continues his campaign for jobs. is the pitch the same old song. are the media singing along? a report on the rising poverty rate in our country is out this week. underscoring the economic challenges facing our president in the congress. did the news get the coverage it deserves? some call it snitch central and team obama opens up an attack website, place for reporters to report news and views they don't like. why do they need that? after receiving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, solar panel company solyndra failed and folds. how did they get the money?
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who gave the okay? and are the media on the case? and liberal mouth piece michael moore trying to get more attention for his new book, claiming a certain news channel just doesn't like him. >> jon: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. radio talk show house monica crowley. jim pinkerton, contributing editor the american conservative magazine and former president of the women's media center jehmu green. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right n now. president obama took his campaign for jobs road show to ohio earlier this week. trying to sway voters to push congress to pass his 447 billion dollar jobs plan. and a plan which is not getting a whole lot of traction on either side of the aisle. the job plan, along with key
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republican wins in two special elections this week, have members of his party and some in the liberal media concerned about the future, and the direction the obama team is headed. and let's start this segment with a quiz. who offers this advice about what mr. obama needs to do now? panic, fire somebody. no, fire a lot of people, this may be news to you, but this is not going well. for god's sake why are we still looking at the same political and economic advisors that got us into this mess, it's not working. jim, do you care to answer that. >> james carville. >> jon: james carville, you win. >> i think we ought would have gotten it right. and look, a strange thing happening here, i think liberalism has sort of concluded that obama is kind of a turkey. and they're sort of trying to distance themselves from him. carville is a great example of this. it's not that the republicans, not that they like republicans any better, we'll get to that later. when you see, for example, ron sus stein, a well-known
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author, known conservative as far as i can tell, talking about what a feckless and ineffective economic policy president obama has enacted, he can't keep track of his own treasury secretary, something is breaking loose in terms of the liberal watch dog. >> you're getting nods from judy, you agree. i didn't expect to agree with jim on this one. i have to say when you hear ron brownstein and others saying, this is how effective a leader obama is or the other thing i heard on friday, on morning joe, quoting chuck tight task saying, gosh, is he even serious about this american jobs bill? is this not just a kind of political talking point? there's something going on today. >> and jehmu, let's get your take on that. are lirals in the media turning against this president? >> i don't think that james carville was turning against the president. i actually think he was trying to offer him some reasonable advice, and i think we're going to start to see a lot
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more of the liberal pundits offering that same advice, that there has to be some sort of very decisive action that they are looking, they're challenging, they're pleading with the president to make, because they understand, the dire straits, that he faces. >> so he he needs to replace his liberal advisors with more liberal advisors, advisors and more liberals. >> different ones, different ones. >> absolutely, monica, that they're looking to, looking to him to show some level of leadership that's going to be decisive. that is going to be convince the american people that he's taking it seriously. the same way that the jobs plan. >> and they've been trying to create jobs, not, you know, cause people to lose theirs. >> and so he says, and what i think is hugely missing from all of the media coverage of the last jobs bill, that he put out last week, was why he continues to go about the same approach. this is the question that needs to be answered, for conservatives, i think it's pretty apparent that barack obama is a devout left wing
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idea log and he couldn't change course even if political strategists like james carville were screaming at him to do it or left wing media are begging him to do something to get the presidency and the country back on track. he's incapable of doing it because he's so wedded to his ideology, a question that's not been asked in the media on any level. >> he talks about, you know, trying to create american jobs and yet, on wednesday he used as a setting for his speech a plant in north carolina shipping jobs to coast rica, did the media miss that? >> i think they d i mean, look, it's not like the media are calling him herbert hoover. i worked in the reagan administration and we had unemployment and it's a given that we're in another depression, not recession, depression, so i know what really caustic media coverage looks like. obama is just getting regarded as just sort of ineffective. even jehmu says he needs new people. when outsiders james carville
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get rid of the the current team and put in new people. maybe it's trying to be helpful, but believe me the net take away inside the white house, we just got dissed, not help. >> the republicans are trying to get some media for their enown plan. rand paul. >> i have a message for the president, if you're for job creation, you can't be against the job creators. another message for the president, we've got a bill that will help solidify a thousand jobs in south carolina, pass it now. if you want to be in favor of jobs, pass this bill now. >> he's obviously referring to that boeing plant in south carolina that the national labor relations board is keeping shuttered for now you because they're engaged in a fight over union workers and so forth. and does he have a point and are the media picking it up? >> no, look, everybody now views the quest for more jobs in america through a political lens. and that's what's happening, it's happening at the political level.
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it's happening in the media, and people are lining up, if you notice what kendall pointed out was that we have people calling for the president to replace people around him. i haven't heard a call from the base of the democratic party for a shift in strategy. and everybody thinks the jobs act is a the way-- >> you are hearing and the left wing media is covering this, a movement to replace him, so we've been talking about the movement, carville saying you've got to replace the people around you and a the lot of the democrats say our experience with this white house is that barack obama only listens to one person and that's barack obama. and so you can, rearrange the deck chairs on the "titanic," but the "titanic" is still going on and what i think is interesting, now you're seeing from the base, not just replacement people around him, but perhaps give him a primary challenge from his left. >> jon: apparently gthey don't think they're getting the coverage they should, attacked
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launch website, scour the media for coverage of the white house they think is just not right. why do they need that? >> i think the attention around the attack watch dog site was a little undeserved. it was a little rebranding and new colors on the website from the 2008 campaign and all of that just rabid attention to it was out of line. to the jobs piece, what is absolutely missing is the conversation from the ten pages of the g.o.p. plan that was put on the table that they were just literally recycled, rehashed, the same policies from the bush administration, but you don't hear folks in the media talking about how they put ten pages of the same failed policies on the table. >> and old ideas as long as they're good. but this is about attack watch, the point we're getting at here. they're treating obama differently and "the washington post" called it, quote, a laughingstock, unquote. that's not typical washington post verbiage for a democratic
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president. >> can you imagine, a republican, saying rich nixon pounded for an enemies list and it's different when the candidate does it and the president does it. >> it's opposition research done in a new way. >> jon: got to take a break. first, if you want to keep up, go to the fox news website and check out the watch news section. next, is governor rick perry the new media target? >> g.o.p. front runner, rick perry gets attacked for his hpv plan. >> if i had to do it over again, i would have done it differently. >> taking shots from the candidates and taking shots from the press. have the facts been lost in the mix? and the scandal builds own white house support for a green company, which went deep into the red with our money. did the media miss the warning did the media miss the warning i'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut. ever since that ol' broom dumped me here. oh, oh. oooh!
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>> it was cnn's turn to host a g.o.p. debate this week, teaming up with the tea party to question the field of republicans, hoping for the party's nomination. it seemed like it was candidate and maybe media gangup on rick perry night, monica. >> well, rick perry in pretty short order catapulted to the g.o.p. field, surpassing mitt romney and michele bachmann and others. and since he's a shiny new toy, they try to put a ding in them. i have no problem with that the more the merrier in the race and need to beat each other up now to prepare for the general election, if they can't take it from their side, how are they going to take it from obama and axlerod. >> judy, was pairing the tea party with cnn a little bit odd. >> i think it was cnn showing it was fair and balanced, why not? we can pre-tend that the
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mainstream media are fair and balanced, we know they're not. most in the mainstream media are liberal and democrats, comes out poll after poll, why not try something like this? i think it made for an interesting thing. >> jim, the mainstream media made a lot about perry's plan to vaccinate girls from hpv. do most know that. >> i should say my wife works for michele bachmann who is leading the attack on that. no, the plan wasn't putting into effect, but he he did try and did issue an executive order and it was extremely controversial, and he did, he did apologize for it and that was four years ago. but, the issue of mandates, whether it's the state mandate that governor romney put in on health insurance or did in if a-- or the mandate that governor perry attempted to put in on hpv, it's legitimate when making comparisons to the federal level that others
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presidents put in. >> chris matthew called social security a ponzi scheme and said so on his show, yet, when rick perry as a candidate called it a ponzi scheme, it horrified people, why? >> i'm not surprised that chris matthew, who oozes sexism in every breath was going to ooze hipocracy, but, really interest to focus on the hpv vaccine, i think that this is the biggest media travesty so far of this campaign that michele bachmann was not called out on the fact that 35 million americans have received this vaccine and there's no scientific evidence of what she put out there about mental, you know, mental retardation and whether it was john king, matt lauer, no one called her on the fact and how dangerous and irresponsible that is for the mothers and the fathers and the daughters watching michele bachmann make those statements, really, irresponsible. >> david gergin said he was
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horrified. >> i think his direct quote was many americans are probably horrified what they heard out of the g.o.p. debate tonight and you can balance that by saying, well, many americans are horrified by the obama administration and democrats control of congress for so many years and a lot of them liked what they heard on that stage that night. that was sort of typical punditry. on your comment about the social security debate and what rick perry had to say. what was missing from the coverage, social security was never designed to be ponz ji scheji-- ponzi scheme, but the way it's r run. >> birth rates figure into that as well. fox is deeming up with google to host a g.o.p. debate and you can submit written or video questions for the candidates to answer. go to, you
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will also be able to vote on which questions you want the candidates to answer. and up next, is there a new scandal for the media? >> there are no guarantees in the business world about success and failure. >> an obama-backed company picked to lead the way in green technology goes belly up. millions of taxpayer dollars go with them. are the liberal media down playing a scandal? >> it's what-- it put me and my family through as a result of the amount of hatred that was generated on a certain news channel. >> and michael moore is back, making claims he's a victim again. [ dog ] i am a rockstar. my coat? solid gold. my insides? pure platinum. [ female announcer ] a healthy outside starts inside. new iams simple & natural has chicken as its number one ingredient and zero fillers. it works inside for health you can see on the outside. [ dog ] i can't be a rockstar on the outside if i'm not one on the inside.
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>> the true engine of economic growth will always be
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companies like solyndra. companies like solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter more prosperous future. >> jon: that's probably one the president would like to take back. touring the company in received a stimulus loan, team obama hoped would become the poster child for green technology. all of that went bust. they left 1100 americans unemployed and now we have a federal investigation, we have the fbi and congress looking into in. what's the media reaction been? >> i think it has the potential to be a huge obama scandal and i will say that i think the media coverage so far has been extensive and i think it's been thorough and i also think we're in the early days of this. and i think the media understands that they have a real story here.
11:52 pm
so, regardless of any ideological bias, they're going to follow the money and follow the story. i will say one element to it i think has been missing, which is i think they're reticent to try to link the scandal to obama and to any kind of political favorism and donation by the primary invest in solyndra. they were there immediately with the enron collapse and trying to link it to the bush white house. and they've been careful. >> jon: you're a media insider, judy. what are the questions. >> the ones raised at this table and i think it's a particularly problematic story for the white house, because it is basically accuses the president or the white house, of doing what democrats accuse rick perry of doing. and that is raising money for his campaign, rewarding those who give to his campaigns, with federal benefits. so, it's, it's very problematic, the white house has been slow to kind of answer. we now have a series of
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e-mails, that show direct involvement and an awareness that this could be the optics that could be very bad for the white house and i think they are indeed. >> there will be e-mails, and brian ross at abc pointed out and say, this is a bad idea, don't do it and "the washington post" reported that solyndra executive visited the west wing, 20 times, 2-0 times and would be a story except shepherd as news pointed out msnbc prime time has never touched it once. >> jon: the accountability off the office reported that the department of energy treated applicant inconsistency, favoring some and disadvantaging others. what, where is the level playing field here? and where is the media outrage? >> well, i do think that we've seen the media outrage and that it's going to continue to, to swell up. but, the reality is that the white house is also dealing with this in a little wrong direction by trying to, you know, say that there's a
11:54 pm
scheduling snafu and only adding fuel to the fire for the attention they're going to get on this. but there are lots of things missing from the story right now, including the fact that the walton family were very significant investors in solyndra, including the fact that this is only one out of the all of the different loans that proceeded and are in the works and this is one failure and it's the message is that, you know, none of these projects are going to be successful, then i think that's a bad, bad direction for technology area. >> what happens, to the promises, monica, let me get your take on it, the promises of media transparency, or promises to the media this is going be to be the most transparent administration. >> we haven't seen that at all in two and a half years, why start now, jon? also, i think a big part of what's missing from the coverage, the idea this is what happens when the government intervenes from the private sector, works the market and the government tried to take a loser in this case and make it into a winner and i'd like to see more coverage of that.
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back in 2003, he gave an acceptance speech at that time i continue to have remind you, you said the president was if i can toysal president that brought us to war and in your book you offer regret for saying that. >> not at all.
11:59 pm
if i any regret it's what put me and my people through as a result of the amount of hatred that was generated on certain news channel and a.m. hate radio. they encouraged people to essentially commit acts of violence immense me. >> jon: michael more moore on the today show he is trying to see his new book sell. jim, i think i saw you wiping away a tear a moment ago. >> let him go on and on. >> he has attacked everybody in the even verse except for fidel castro and. they said somebody came at him with knife and it was


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